Stephen "Sarge" Guifloyle

Stephen, or Sarge as he is well known as throughout the financial industry currently runs the  Sarge986 private family trading operation.  Sarge does not solicit, and no longer accepts public clientele.

Sarge is a daily contributor to TheStreet's Premium sites .. Real Money and Real Money Pro. He also co-manages TheStreet's "Stocks Under $10" portfolio along with colleague Chris Versace.  Sarge appears on a regular basis at CNBC, Fox News, and Fox Business Network. In addition, Sarge, and colleague Olivia Voznenko co-anchor the periodical video magazine "Street Smarts" at Modern Wall Street.

For more background, Sarge served more than three decades as a Floor Trader at the New York Stock Exchange,wearing badge number 986. During that career, Sarge has spent time with Wertheim Schroder, Credit Suisse, Meridian Equity Partners, Deep Value, and Stuart Frankel & Co. Over that time, Sarge gained valuable experience in such industry fields as block trading and investment banking. 

The nickname? Not just a nickname. The trading community dubbed Stephen as the "Sarge" in the 1980's, and the name stuck as Stephen served as a Sergeant in reserve components of both the US Marine Corps and US Army while simultaneously working on Wall Street.

Well known for his street-level interpretation of macro-economic data, as well as policy, Sarge has held the titles of US Economist at Meridian, and Chief Market Economist at Stuart Frankel.