We All Bleed Red

Situation Misery

                     There will be no economics discussed in this space today. No investment strategies, not even political overtones.  I don’t want to hear your justifications. There are none. You are frustrated. Poor baby. So am I. So is everyone else. You’re angry, you’re scared. Okay. Do you know someone who isn’t? There is only one way this gets better. No excuses. Listen to the guy on your left. Listen to the gal on your right. They disagree. Their experience is different. Work together. Grow up.
                     The problem is, gang…. that we all bleed red. We are Americans. We are the great mosaic that results when different people of different viewpoints embrace freedom…. together. We are all entitled to our lives, to liberty, and to pursue happiness. No one person has the right, or the justification to deprive anyone else of those rights.
                     We have to try to understand each other, and when we can not, we have to accept that we will do so without losing mutual respect. To deprive someone else of their life, or to attempt to, is the ultimate show of disrespect, and the ultimate act of selfishness.
What Can We Do?
                  I don’t think anyone among us would deny that we have seen the progress of technology in our daily lives advance rapidly over the last fifty years or so. Many daily functions that at one time required social interaction, now require far less human on human contact. Is that a bad thing? I will remain non-judgmental on this, but I think that it’s easy for me to see a decline in aggregate social skills across our society since my youth.
                 There was a day that when you passed someone traveling in the other direction, that you had to acknowledge each other. Tip of the cap. There was a day that in order to communicate in real time, you had to speak. Nice weather we’re having. Is it possible that the lack of constant human contact has allowed the forces of hate to grow from a smoldering ember into a blazing inferno? Don’t get political on that point. Look inside.
                 We can make an effort to love. We have to. To look the disheveled homeless guy in the face when you pass. To shake the hand of a known enemy. To pray for each other with honestly positive intention. To care. We have to care. That flag has thirteen stripes, and fifty stars. It represents every single one of us across an entire nation. Almost all of us or our ancestors were kicked out of somewhere. Let’s genuinely worry about each other.
                 Let’s be that shining beacon on the hill that I know we truly are. Let’s become that perfect example of decency. Today.
                 Let us not be …..